AgileText™ keyboard for 40% faster text entry


AgileText™ is a fast text-entry keyboard for handheld devices that allows users to overcome disadvantages of the small keys of the Qwerty keyboard on handheld devices.

How does it work?
Compared to a Qwerty keyboard, by moving to a 4 row by 6 column layout, the AgileText™ keyboard has larger buttons with the most-commonly used buttons closer together reducing the distance and time required to find and move from key to key. Thus AgileText™ can easily fit the normal handheld device form factors as seen on the licensing page to make text entry much easier.

By placing the most frequently used consonants TNSHRDL around the vowels AEIOU in similar relative positions as the QWERTY layout, the most frequently used letters are easy to find very quickly. The AgileText™ keyboard is compared with a QWERTY one below with the keys color coded by frequency from most frequent "ETAION SHRDLU" to the the least frequent "KQJ XZ". The most frequent letters in white and blue are centred in the top three rows minimising visual search and movement time with the less frequent consonants in the fourth row and the corners.

Q: What proof do you have of AgileText™ performance?
A: Initial independent comparative testing with vision-tracking of 12 novice participants showed that they were starting to achieve their QWERTY speeds within the first 5-10 minutes of the speed tests. The participants overwhelmingly preferred the first generation AgileText™ alphabetical keyboard rather than the theoretically "fastest" keyboard from a leading international business corporation. While we have not yet conducted longitudinal testing to confirm the maximum typing speed achievable, industry-standard modelling techniques show that the keyboard is as fast or faster than the Fitaly or ATOMIK keyboards for all the major European languages or about 40% faster than QWERTY. With the addition of common words, endings and word completion high text entry speeds can therefore be achieved.
Q: What languages are supported?
A: The AgileText™ Keyboard has been designed and tested to perform well with most Western European languages in combination with the special characters map. However Menus and support documentation are only in English at this time

For more scientific information on how AgileText was designed and validated, please go to the HCI Research page.